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Blood's Support Team Application.
Steam Name: [FH] Blood [SM]

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:188068053

Staff Rank (Moderator+): Senior Moderator

Timezone: UTC+1 Norway

Why should we pick you to join the support team: 
I want to join the IFN Support Team because i wanna help the new guys on TeamSpeak, So they could have fun with their friends and get new Friends. And to communicate better, because TS3 is a good tool when it comes to communication etc. I really just wanna help out the community more and just give it my all, and just do my best so the new guys knows their way around Teamspeak and help them with any questions they have if they do not understand something, then i would be there to help anyone out that needs help with ts.
I am also nice to people i respect them and i am really nice to others. And i would just help the new people enjoy Icefuse and get to communicate with their teammates. And just be a great guy to everyone help them out on Teamspeak if so needed and just help with anything they need support with. If their their teamspeak kept lagging when people spoke or tried to do anything i would type to him/her to re-install their teamspeak or just restart it. I also work well with people and i know thats good to have if i'm in the support team.

Knows the current rules of the Teamspeak server: Yes, I Do

Do you have knowledge on have to fix Garry's Mod & Teamspeak problems: Yes.

Have a working microphone: Yes, I Do Have A Working Mic.

Additional Information: #N/A

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